Australian Mathematical Society

The Australian Mathematical Society (AustMS) was founded in 1956 and is the national society of the mathematics profession in Australia. One of the Society's listed purposes is to promote the cause of mathematics in the community by representing the interests of the profession to government.[1] The Society also publishes three mathematical journals. Currently, the Society's president is Timothy Marchant.[2]

Society awards

Society journals

  • Journal of the Australian Mathematical Society
  • ANZIAM Journal (formerly Series B, Applied Mathematics)[3]
  • Bulletin of the Australian Mathematical Society


ANZIAM (Australia and New Zealand Industrial and Applied Mathematics) is a division of The Australian Mathematical Society (AustMS). Members are interested in applied mathematical research, mathematical applications in industry and business, and mathematics education at tertiary level.[4]

ANZIAM awards

The ANZIAM Medal

The ANZIAM medal is awarded on the basis of research achievements, activities enhancing applied or industrial mathematics, or both, and contributions to ANZIAM.[5]


Since 1992, ANZIAM has organised biennial meetings, initially under the name “Mathematics and Computers in Sport Conferences”, and now under the name "MathSport".[17] Main topics are mathematical models and computer applications in sports, as well as coaching and teaching methods based on informatics.

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