Australian Defence Force Ensign

The Australian Defence Force Ensign is a flag of Australia which represents the tri-service Australian Defence Force. The flag was declared a "Flag of Australia" under Section 5 of the Flags Act 1953 on 14 April 2000.

The Royal Australian Navy and Air Force have ensigns, the Royal Australian Navy Ensign and the Royal Australian Air Force Ensign. The Army has historically used the Australian Flag. The Defence Ensign is supposed to be used in the case of joint activities. It is made up of three vertical bands: dark blue, red and light blue, representing the navy, army and air force respectively. In the centre is a large joint services emblem in yellow. This emblem features an anchor, crossed swords and a wedge-tailed eagle with wings outstretched combined above a boomerang and below a crest featuring a seven pointed Commonwealth Star.

The rank flags of staff with joint services commands, such as the Chief of Defence Force and the Minister for Defence, are derived from the Defence Force Ensign.

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