Australian Army Nursing Service

The Australian Army Nursing Service (AANS) was an Australian Army Reserve unit which provided a pool of trained civilian nurses who had volunteered for military service during wartime. The AANS was formed in 1902 by amalgamating the nursing services of the colonial-era militaries, and formed part of the Australian Army Medical Corps.[1] During World War I, more than 2,286 women joined the AANS AIF for overseas service.[2] Hundreds more served in the AANS AMF on home service in Australia.[3] After WWI, the AANS reverted to a Reserve. The AANS was mobilised again during World War II, and many of its members served overseas. Following the war several AANS nurses were posted to Japan as part of the British Commonwealth Occupation Force. The service was renamed the Royal Australian Army Nursing Service (RAANS) in November 1948 and became part of the regular Army the next year. In 1951 the RAANS achieved corps status, and became the Royal Australian Army Nursing Corps.[1]

Australian Army Nursing Service
AANS nurses in Brisbane during 1940
BranchAustralian Army
TypeMedical reserve
Part ofAustralian Army Medical Corps
Evelyn Conyers (1915–?)
Grace Wilson (1925–1940)

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