Australia Marches with Britain

Australia Marches with Britain is a 1941 Australian documentary made for wartime propaganda.

Australia Marches with Britain
Directed byKen G. Hall
Produced byKen G. Hall
Narrated byPeter Bathurst
Edited byWilliam Shepherd
Cinesound Productions
Department of Information
Distributed byNational Films Council
Release date
30 May 1941[1]
Running time
16 mins

It features on introduction by the then Minister of Information H.S. Foll.


A look at Australia's contribution to the war effort, including production of food, munitions and equipment.[2]


The film was originally made for export to England, to be used there by the British Ministry of Information as part of an intensive long term Empire publicity campaign. However, it was then decided to release the film in Australia as well.[1]

The film ended up being widely screened throughout Allied countries, including the UK and USA.[3][4][5][6]

It was critically praised, the Sydney Morning Herald writing that "there is inspiration as well as imagination and drama in this film."[7]


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