Augustin Cabanès

Dr. Augustin Cabanès (30 April 1862 5 May 1928) was a French doctor, historian and author of numerous works of fiction and history. He was known for his books on historical medical mysteries.

Dr. Augustin Cabanès
Born(1862-04-30)30 April 1862
Gourdon-en-Caorsin, France
Died5 May 1928(1928-05-05) (aged 66)
Pen nameDoctor Quercy
OccupationDoctor, Writer, Historian

He studied medicine in Bordeaux and Paris, defending his doctorate in 1889 with a thesis involving Hydrastis canadensis. As a physician, he was associated with the Préfecture de la Seine. In 1894, he founded Chronique médicale, a popular journal dealing with unpublished articles on the health of literary and historical figures.[1]

Partial list of works

  • Marat inconnu; l'homme privé, le médecin, le savant (1891)
  • Le cabinet secret de l'histoire, (1897), "Secret Cabinet of History Peeped into By a Doctor".
  • "Curious Bypaths of History: Being Medico-Historical Studies and Observations" (1898)
  • Balzac ignoré (1899)
  • Les Morts mysterieuses de l'histoire (1900)
  • Les indiscrétions de l'histoire (1900)
  • Mœurs intimes du passé (1900)
  • Les curiosités de la médecine (1900)
  • La névrose révolutionnaire (1906)
  • Au chevet de l'empereur (1924)
  • Les cinq sens (1926)
  • Dans les coulisses de l'histoire (1929).


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