Auguste Dick

Auguste Franziska Dick (née Kraus, 1910–1993) was an Austrian mathematician, historian of mathematics, and handwriting expert,[1] known for her research on the history of mathematics under the Nazis,[2] and for her biography of Emmy Noether.[1][3]

Dick earned a doctorate from the University of Vienna, and a teaching credential in mathematics and physics, in 1934.[1][4] At Vienna, she was one of the students working with Olga Taussky-Todd in the seminar of Hans Hahn.[5] She worked as a schoolteacher, and began producing scholarly publications after her retirement.[2]

Her book on Noether, Emmy Noether, 1882–1935 (Birkhäuser 1970) has been translated into both Japanese and English (Heidi I. Blocher, trans., Birkhäuser, 1981).[1][3] She also assisted in editing the works of Erwin Schrödinger.[4][6]


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