August Becker (socialist)

August Becker (c. 18101875) was a German political activist, politician, and journalist. Becker was a member of the legislature of the German state of Hesse. In his later years he emigrated to the United States of America, where he worked as a journalist until the time of his death.


Early years

August Becker was born sometime around 1810 in Germany, the son of a clergyman.[1] In his youth he studied theology for a brief time before being introduced to socialist ideas and turning his activity towards that realm.[1]

Political career

Becker's political activity brought him into conflict with the law, and he was subsequently arrested and imprisoned for four years.[1] Following his release, Becker emigrated to Geneva, Switzerland, where he published political pamphlets as well as articles for the radical press.[1] Among those papers for which he wrote were the Renische Zeitung and the Vorwartz.[1]

With the eruption of the Revolutions of 1848, Becker returned to Germany.[1] There he published a political journal and was elected a member of the parliament for the Central German state of Hesse.[1]


With the fall of the 1848 revolution, the "Red '48-er" Becker emigrated to the United States of America.[1] He ultimately moved to Cincinnati, Ohio, where he worked as a journalist until his death in 1875.[1]


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