Attack on Baku

Attack on Baku (German: Anschlag auf Baku) is a 1942 German thriller film directed by Fritz Kirchhoff and starring Willy Fritsch, René Deltgen and Fritz Kampers. The film was intended as anti-British propaganda during the Second World War. It is noted for its set designs by Otto Hunte, who showed a fascination for modern technology in his depiction of the oil town.[1] The film was shot on location in German-allied Romania, and at Babelsberg Studio in Berlin.

Attack on Baku
Directed byFritz Kirchhoff
Produced byHans Weidemann
Written by
  • Hans Wolfgang Hillers
  • Hans Weidemann
Music byAlois Melichar
CinematographyRobert Baberske
Edited byErich Kobler
Distributed byUFA
Release date
25 August 1942
Running time
91 minutes


Azerbaijan, 1919. The British hope to secure control of the vast oil fields around Baku by launching a series of terrorist attacks on them. Hans Romberg, a German who is working as a security officer, battles with the British chief agent Captain Forbes and his associates.


  • Willy Fritsch as Hans Romberg
  • René Deltgen as Captain Percy Forbes, British Chief Agent
  • Fritz Kampers as Sergeant Mathias Ertl
  • Hans Zesch-Ballot as Police Minister Barakoff
  • Paul Bildt as Camps, U.S. oil magnate in Baku
  • Lotte Koch as Sylvia, his daughter
  • Erich Ponto as Jensen, Danish oil magnate
  • Aribert Wascher as Mamulian, Armenian oil magnate
  • Walter Janssen as Hanson, Swedish oil magnate
  • Joachim Brennecke as Ali Baba
  • Josef Kamper as Zolak
  • Wilhelm König as Thatul
  • Heinrich Marlow as Lord Seymour, British officer
  • Hellmut Helsig as Richard Twinning, British Agent
  • Alexander Enge as Steffens, British Agent
  • Walter Holetzko as Richards, British Agent
  • Peter Elsholtz as British Lieutenant
  • Nikolai Kolin as Russian waiter
  • Aruth Vartan as GPU agent
  • Willy Maertens as Jensen's lawyer
  • Boris Alekin as Turkish officer
  • Angelo Ferrari as Turkish officer
  • Erik Radolf as Forbes' servant
  • Herbert Gernot as Colonel Ahmed Bey
  • Fred Goebel as British agent
  • Reginald Pasch as British agent
  • Arthur Reinhardt as British agent
  • Nico Turoff as British agent
  • Kurt Iller as British agent
  • Karl Jüstel as British agent
  • Günther Ballier as Jensen's secretary
  • Herbert Scholz as Assassin
  • Werner Völger as Assassin
  • Peter Busse as Oil Tycoon
  • Julius E. Herrmann as Oil Tycoon
  • Erich Walter as Gregor
  • Lotte Hermann as Dancer
  • Lula Sachnowsky as Dancer


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