Atlantic Wall (film)

Atlantic Wall (French: Le Mur de l'Atlantique, Italian: Un elmetto pieno di... fifa) is a 1970 French-Italian war-comedy film written and directed by Marcel Camus and starring Bourvil and Peter McEnery. It was Bourvil's last film.[2][3]

Atlantic Wall
Directed byMarcel Camus
Produced byGeorges de Beauregard
Written byMarcel Jullian
Marcel Camus
Story byColonel Rémy
Peter McEnery
Music byClaude Bolling
CinematographyAlain Levent
Release date
  • 1970 (1970)
Box office4,770,962 admissions (France)[1]




The film was the second most popular movie in France in 1970, after The Gendarme Takes Off.[1]


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