Atlantic Division (NHL)

The National Hockey League has used the name Atlantic Division for two distinct groups of teams.

Atlantic Division
ConferenceEastern Conference
LeagueNational Hockey League
SportIce hockey
FormerlyPatrick Division, Adams Division, Norris Division
Founded(original) 1993
(new) 2013
Ceased(original) 2013
Replaced byMetropolitan Division
No. of teams8
Last Atlantic Division champion(s)Tampa Bay Lightning (2nd title)
Most Atlantic Division titlesNew Jersey Devils (9 titles)

The original Atlantic Division, the predecessor of which was the Patrick Division, was formed in 1993 as part of the Eastern Conference in a league realignment.

As part of a 2013 realignment, the entirety of the former Atlantic Division was realigned into the Metropolitan Division. The Atlantic Division name was assigned to a new division comprising the entirety of the former Northeast Division plus the Florida Panthers and the Tampa Bay Lightning from the now-dissolved Southeast Division, and the Detroit Red Wings, who moved from the Central Division of the Western Conference.

Current standings

Atlantic Division
1 Boston Bruins 35 21 7 7 19 118 90 +28 49
2 Buffalo Sabres 35 16 12 7 12 110 108 +2 39
3 Montreal Canadiens 34 16 12 6 12 108 108 0 38
4 Toronto Maple Leafs 35 17 14 4 13 115 112 +3 38
5 Tampa Bay Lightning 32 17 12 3 13 114 103 +11 37
6 Florida Panthers 33 16 12 5 11 115 109 +6 37
7 Ottawa Senators 35 14 18 3 11 94 113 19 31
8 Detroit Red Wings 36 9 24 3 8 79 141 62 21
Updated to game(s) played on December 17, 2019. Source: National Hockey League[1]

Division lineups


Changes from the 1992–93 season

  • The Atlantic Division is formed as a result of NHL realignment
  • The New Jersey Devils, New York Islanders, New York Rangers, Philadelphia Flyers, and Washington Capitals come from the Patrick Division
  • The Tampa Bay Lightning come from the Norris Division
  • The Florida Panthers are added as an expansion team


Changes from the 1997–98 season


Changes from the 2012–13 season

  • The Northeast and Southeast Divisions are dissolved due to NHL realignment
  • The New Jersey Devils, New York Islanders, New York Rangers, Philadelphia Flyers, and Pittsburgh Penguins move to the Metropolitan Division
  • The Boston Bruins, Buffalo Sabres, Montreal Canadiens, Ottawa Senators, and Toronto Maple Leafs come from the Northeast Division
  • The Florida Panthers and Tampa Bay Lightning come from the Southeast Division
  • The Detroit Red Wings come from the Central Division

Division champions

Atlantic Division (1993–2013)

Atlantic Division (2013–present)

Season results

1993–94NY Rangers (112)‡†New Jersey (106)Washington (88)NY Islanders (84)Florida (83)Philadelphia (80)Tampa Bay (71)
1994–95Philadelphia (60)New Jersey (52)Washington (52)NY Rangers (47)Florida (46)Tampa Bay (37)NY Islanders (35)
1995–96Philadelphia (103)NY Rangers (96)Florida (92)Washington (89)Tampa Bay (88)New Jersey (86)NY Islanders (54)
1996–97New Jersey (104)Philadelphia (103)Florida (89)NY Rangers (86)Washington (75)Tampa Bay (74)NY Islanders (70)
1997–98New Jersey (107)Philadelphia (95)Washington (92)NY Islanders (71)NY Rangers (68)Florida (63)Tampa Bay (44)
1998–99New Jersey (105)Philadelphia (93)Pittsburgh (90)NY Rangers (77)NY Islanders (58)
1999–2000Philadelphia (105)New Jersey (103)Pittsburgh (88)NY Rangers (73)NY Islanders (58)
2000–01New Jersey (111)Philadelphia (100)Pittsburgh (96)NY Rangers (72)NY Islanders (52)
2001–02Philadelphia (97)NY Islanders (96)New Jersey (95)NY Rangers (80)Pittsburgh (69)
2002–03New Jersey (108)Philadelphia (107)NY Islanders (83)NY Rangers (78)Pittsburgh (65)
2003–04Philadelphia (101)New Jersey (100)NY Islanders (91)NY Rangers (69)Pittsburgh (58)
2004–05No season due to 2004–05 NHL lockout
2005–06New Jersey (101)Philadelphia (101)NY Rangers (100)NY Islanders (78)Pittsburgh (58)
2006–07New Jersey (107)Pittsburgh (105)NY Rangers (94)NY Islanders (92)Philadelphia (56)
2007–08Pittsburgh (102)New Jersey (99)NY Rangers (97)Philadelphia (95)NY Islanders (79)
2008–09New Jersey (106)Pittsburgh (99)Philadelphia (99)NY Rangers (95)NY Islanders (61)
2009–10New Jersey (103)Pittsburgh (101)Philadelphia (88)NY Rangers (87)NY Islanders (79)
2010–11Philadelphia (106)Pittsburgh (106)NY Rangers (93)New Jersey (81)NY Islanders (73)
2011–12NY Rangers (109)Pittsburgh (108)Philadelphia (103)New Jersey (102)NY Islanders (79)
2012–13Pittsburgh (72)NY Rangers (56)NY Islanders (55)Philadelphia (49)New Jersey (48)
2013–14Boston (117)Tampa Bay (101)Montreal (100)Detroit (93)Ottawa (88)Toronto (84)Florida (66)Buffalo (52)
2014–15Montreal (110)Tampa Bay (108)Detroit (100)Ottawa (99)Boston (96)Florida (91)Toronto (68)Buffalo (54)
2015–16Florida (103)Tampa Bay (97)Detroit (93)Boston (93)Ottawa (85)Montreal (82)Buffalo (81)Toronto (69)
2016–17Montreal (103)Ottawa (98)Boston (95)Toronto (95)Tampa Bay (94)Florida (81)Detroit (79)Buffalo (78)
2017–18Tampa Bay (113)Boston (112)Toronto (105)Florida (96)Detroit (73)Montreal (71)Ottawa (67)Buffalo (62)
2018–19Tampa Bay (128)Boston (107)Toronto (100)Montreal (96)Florida (86)Buffalo (76)Detroit (74)Ottawa (64)

Stanley Cup winners produced

Presidents' Trophy winners produced

Atlantic Division titles won by team

Teams in bold are currently in the division.

TeamWinsLast win
New Jersey Devils92010
Philadelphia Flyers62011
Montreal Canadiens22017
New York Rangers22012
Pittsburgh Penguins22013
Tampa Bay Lightning22019
Boston Bruins12014
Florida Panthers12016
Buffalo Sabres0
Detroit Red Wings0
Ottawa Senators0
Toronto Maple Leafs0
New York Islanders0
Washington Capitals0


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