Atlantic Container Line

Atlantic Container Line is an American shipping company owned by the Italian Grimaldi Group. The company operates large roll-on/roll-off (RORO) container ships between Europe and North America.

Atlantic Container Line
Founded1965 (1965)
HeadquartersWestfield, New Jersey
Area served
North Atlantic
Key people
Andy Abbott, CEO
ServicesFreight transportation
ParentGrimaldi Group


ACL was formed in 1965 by a consortium of five shipping companies, Wallenius Lines, Swedish America Line, the Transatlantic Steamship Company and Holland America Line. These were joined by Cunard and CGT in 1967.[1]

In 1976 ACL took over the Care Line, its ships, Mont Royal and Montmorency, and its direct route to Montreal.[1]

During the Falklands War the British registered Atlantic Conveyor and Atlantic Causeway were requisitioned by the Ministry of Defence. Atlantic Conveyor sank on 25 May 1982 after being hit by two Argentine Exocet missiles. She is the only British flagged merchant ship to be sunk by missile.


Current ships

The new Generation 4 ships, introduced in 2015, are faster and more fuel efficient than their predecessors. They are still ConRO, combination roll-on/roll-off (RORO) and container, ships but with the accommodation in the middle of the ship rather than at the stern as in the previous generation.[2]

Name Built In service Tonnage Notes
Atlantic Conveyor19851985-57,225 GRTBuilt at Swan Hunter U.K. lengthened at Scott Lithgow's Clyde shipyard, Glasgow Scotland 1987
Atlantic Star20152015-100,430 GRT
Atlantic Sail20162016-100,430 GRT
Atlantic Sea20162016-100,430 GRT
Atlantic Sky20172017-100,430 GRT
Atlantic Sun20172017-100,430 GRT

Previous ships


Name Built In service Tonnage Owner Notes
Atlantic Saga19671967–198712,231 GRTSALBroken up 1987
Atlantic Song19671967–198711,771 GRTOWBroken up 1987
Atlantic Span
Atlantic Service
11,995 GRTTransatlanticBroken up 1987
Atlantic Star19671967–198715,055 GRTHALBroken up 1987
Atlantic Causeway19691969–198614,946 GRTCunardBroken up 1987
Atlantic Champagne19691969–198515,351 GRTCGTBroken up 1985
Atlantic Crown19691969–198515,489 GRTHALBroken up 1985
Atlantic Cinderella19701970–198515,437 GRTOWBroken up 1985
Atlantic Cognac19701970–198515,351 GRTCGTBroken up 1985
Atlantic Conveyor19701970–198214,946 GRTCunardSunk during Falklands War
Atlantic Premier19721978–198210,998 GRTSALEx Mont Royal. Broken up 2004
Atlantic Prelude19721978–198311,148 GRTOWEx Montmorency. Broken up 2005
Atlantic Project19781978–19815,466 GRTStenaChartered from Stena Line
Atlantic Prosper19781978–19815,466 GRTStenaChartered from Stena Line, Sunk 2006
Atlantic Companion19841984-201557,225 GRTTransatlanticSold for scrap to Alang, India Sep 2015
Atlantic Concert19841984- 201657,225 GRTTransoceanLengthened in Japan 1987. Scrapped in 2016
Atlantic Compass19841984- 201657,225 GRTOWLengthened in Japan 1987. Scrapped in 2016
Atlantic Cartier19851985- 201757,225 GRTOWLengthened in Japan 1987. Sold for scrap 2017 to Alang, India


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