Atina Johnston

Atina Johnston (born October 12, 1971 as Atina Ford) is a Canadian curler, world champion and Olympic champion. She won a gold medal at the 1998 Winter Olympics in Nagano.[1] She won the World Championships in 1997 as an alternate for the Sandra Schmirler team. After winning the 1990 Canadian Junior Curling Championships in Sudbury, Ontario, she received a bronze medal in the 1991 World Junior Curling Championships in Glasgow as skip for the Canadian team.

Atina Johnston (Ford) is not to be confused with Anita Ford, her mother and former coach
Atina Johnston
Medal record
Women's curling
Representing  Canada
Olympic Games
1998 NaganoTeam
World championships
1997 Berne Team
World Junior Curling Championships
1991 Glasgow Team


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