Atikamekw language

Atikamekw, which the endonym is Atikamekw Nehiromowin, literally the "Atikamekw Native language", is an Algonquian language, Cree, is the language of the Atikamekw people of southwestern Quebec. It is spoken by nearly all the Atikamekw, and therefore it is among the indigenous languages least threatened with extinction according to some studies.[3] The Atikamekw reflex of Proto-Algonquian liquid ("L" sound) *l is [ɾ] (spelled 'r'). The corresponding sound in other Cree dialects is [n], [j], [l], or [ð] (it is consistently one of these depending on the dialect). Another way in which Atikamekw is distinctive among dialects of Cree is in having many loanwords from the Anishinaabe language.

atikamekw nehiromowin
Native toCanada
Native speakers
6,165 (2016 census)[1]
Language codes
ISO 639-3atj


Atikamekw is a language belonging to the CreeMontagnaisNaskapi linguistic continuum, which is part of the Central branch of the Algonquian languages of the Algic family of languages. It is sometimes classified as a dialect of Cree.



The consonants of Atikamekw are listed below in the standard orthography and with IPA equivalents in brackets:

  Bilabial Alveolar Post-
Velar Glottal
Nasal   m  [m]   n  [n]      
Stop   p  [p]   t  [t]   tc (c)  [t͡ʃ]   k  [k]  
Fricative     s  [s]   c ()  [ʃ]     h  [h]
Trill     r  [ɾ]      
Approximant  w [w]   i (y)  [j]        

In Atikamekw, fortis and lenis consonants are not distinguished in writing, even though they are in speech. But if precise spelling is required, fortis consonant realised as a geminate is indicated with an underline on the letter of concern.


The vowels of Atikamekw are listed below:

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