Athletics at the Asian Games

Athletics is an Asian Games event since 1951 in New Delhi, India. Among major athletics tournaments of the region, it succeeded the athletics at the Far Eastern Championship Games, which had ceased to be held after 1938.


Games Year Host city Best nation
I1951New Delhi, India Japan
II1954Manila, Philippines Japan
III1958Tokyo, Japan Japan
IV1962Jakarta, Indonesia Japan
V1966Bangkok, Thailand Japan
VI1970Bangkok, Thailand Japan
VII1974Tehran, Iran Japan
VIII1978Bangkok, Thailand China
IX1982New Delhi, India Japan
X1986Seoul, South Korea China
XI1990Beijing, China China
XII1994Hiroshima, Japan China
XIII1998Bangkok, Thailand China
XIV2002Busan, South Korea China
XV2006Doha, Qatar China
XVI2010Guangzhou, China China
XVII2014Incheon, South Korea China
XVIII2018JakartaPalembang, Indonesia China


Men's events

100 m18
200 m18
400 m18
800 m18
1500 m18
5000 m18
10000 m18
110 m hurdles18
400 m hurdles18
3000 m steeplechase18
High jump18
Pole vault18
Long jump18
Triple jump18
Shot put18
Discus throw18
Hammer throw18
Javelin throw18
10 km walk1
20 km walk11
50 km walk8
4 × 100 m relay18
4 × 400 m relay18

Women's events

100 m18
200 m18
400 m14
800 m15
1500 m13
3000 m5
5000 m6
10000 m9
80 m hurdles5
100 m hurdles13
400 m hurdles11
3000 m steeplechase3
High jump18
Pole vault6
Long jump18
Triple jump6
Shot put18
Discus throw18
Hammer throw5
Javelin throw18
10 km walk4
20 km walk5
4 × 100 m relay18
4 × 400 m relay12

Medal table

1 Japan (JPN)194221171586
2 China (CHN)180167115462
3 India (IND)798887254
4 South Korea (KOR)343657127
5 Bahrain (BRN)33191870
6 Qatar (QAT)27192268
7 Kazakhstan (KAZ)23232369
8 Saudi Arabia (KSA)175830
9 Pakistan (PAK)14131340
10 Thailand (THA)13142148
11 Iran (IRI)12151037
12 Uzbekistan (UZB)11171442
13 Philippines (PHI)11102950
14 Israel (ISR)113519
15 Sri Lanka (SRI)1061127
16 Malaysia (MAS)881935
17 Chinese Taipei (TPE)7202653
18 North Korea (PRK)651223
19 Iraq (IRQ)55515
20 Indonesia (INA)431522
21 Tajikistan (TJK)3104
22 Singapore (SGP)27918
23 Vietnam (VIE)25512
24 Kyrgyzstan (KGZ)2327
25 Kuwait (KUW)15511
26 Myanmar (MYA)13610
27 Oman (OMA)1034
28 Syria (SYR)1012
 United Arab Emirates (UAE)1012
30 Lebanon (LBN)1001
31 Mongolia (MGL)0101
32 Hong Kong (HKG)0033
33 Turkmenistan (TKM)0011
Totals (33 nations)7147227172153

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