Athletics at the 1993 Mediterranean Games

At the 1993 Mediterranean Games, the athletics events were held in Narbonne, Languedoc-Roussillon, France from 17–24 June 1993. A total of 36 events were contested, of which 20 by male and 16 by female athletes.

Athletics at the XII Mediterranean Games
Host cityNarbonne, Languedoc-Roussillon, France
Date(s)17–24 June
Main stadiumParc des Sports Et de l'Amitié
Participation13 nations
Records set7 Games records

The host nation France easily topped the medal table, taking 15 gold medals and 38 medals overall (over a third of the total). Italy was the next most successful nation, with six golds among its 16 medals. Greece and Morocco was third and fourth, respectively, each having won four gold medals. Of the thirteen nations who entered athletes into the tournament, only Albania and Cyprus did not reach the medal table.[1]

The event programme was reduced for the 1993 games: the women's 4×400 metres relay and the men's hammer throw, decathlon and 20 kilometres walk competitions were not held that year. The women's marathon was contested for the first time, while the women's 3000 metres was held for the last time (later being replaced by the 5000 metres event).[2]

Noureddine Morceli won the men's 1500 metres in a time of 3:29.20 minutes – the second fastest time at that point, after his own world record.[3] He was one of eight athletes to break a Mediterranean Games record at the 1993 edition. Zid Abou Hamed set both a games and Syrian national record in the men's 400 metres hurdles. The marathon races saw Davide Milesi and Helena Javornik establish new bests. Greek runner Alexandros Terzian broke the men's 100 metres record, while a new best of 6256 points for the heptathlon was set by Nathalie Teppe (also the javelin throw gold medallist).[2]

The competition was part of the buildup to the 1993 World Championships in Athletics. Morceli and Fermín Cacho repeated their Mediterranean 1–2 in the men's 1500 m, but reigning women's Olympic champion Hassiba Boulmerka (800 m winner and 1500 m runner-up in Narbonne) was relegated to the bronze medal in her final. The Mediterranean and Olympic champion in the 10,000 metres, Khalid Skah, was out of the medal in the world 5000 m final.[4]

The event saw future Olympic champions Konstantinos Kenteris, Jean Galfione and Ghada Shouaa get their first senior outdoor medals. Brigita Bukovec went on to an Olympic silver in 1996 after her 100 metres hurdles win in Narbonne, while Nezha Bidouane defended her Mediterranean 400 m hurdles title and would later become a double world champion in the event.

Medal summary

For event details see Athletics at the 1993 Mediterranean Games – Results


Event Gold Silver Bronze
100 metres  Alexandros Terzian (GRE)10.20  Jean-Charles Trouabal (FRA)10.24  Daniel Sangouma (FRA)10.35
200 metres  Daniel Sangouma (FRA)20.76  Alexandros Terzian (GRE)20.87  Mohamed El Kandoussi (MAR)21.04
400 metres  Konstantinos Kenteris (GRE)45.70  Jean-Louis Rapnouil (FRA)45.91  Benyounés Lahlou (MAR)45.91
800 metres  Mahjoub Haïda (MAR)1:48.70  Fotis Deligiannis (GRE)1:49.03  Réda Abdenouz (ALG)1:49.45
1500 metres  Noureddine Morceli (ALG)3:29.20 GR  Fermín Cacho (ESP)3:32.43  Rachid El Basir (MAR)3:37.30
5000 metres  Thierry Pantel (FRA)13:39.04  Aïssa Belaout (ALG)13:41.65  Mohammed Mourhit (MAR)13:50.12
10,000 metres  Khalid Skah (MAR)28:46.38  Hammou Boutayeb (MAR)28:49.94  Vincenzo Modica (ITA)28:55.97
110 metres hurdles  Dan Philibert (FRA)13.62  Stelios Bisbas (GRE)13.67  Mustapha Sdad (MAR)13.80
400 metres hurdles  Zid Abou Hamed (SYR)49.09 GR, NR  Giorgio Frinolli (ITA)49.51  Fadhel Khayati (TUN)49.94
3000 metres steeplechase  Abdelaziz Sahere (MAR)8:25.74  Azzedine Brahmi (ALG)8:28.87  Thierry Brusseau (FRA)8:33.27
4×100 metres relay  France (FRA)
Max Morinière
Daniel Sangouma
Jean-Charles Trouabal
Bruno Marie-Rose
38.96  Greece (GRE)
Alexandros Yenovelis
Georgios Panagiotopoulos
Alexios Alexopoulos
Alexandros Terzian
39.26  Spain (ESP)
Luis Turon
Pedro Nolet
Jordi Mayoral
José Rivas
4×400 metres relay  France (FRA)
André Jaffory
Pierre-Marie Hilaire
Stéphane Diagana
Jean-Louis Rapnouil
3:02.99 GR  Morocco (MAR)
Ali Dahane
Abdellah Boukraa
Abdelkader El Boukhari
Benyounés Lahlou
3:04.79  Italy (ITA)
Maurizio Federici
Vito Petrella
Gianrico Boncompagni
Alessandro Aimar
Marathon  Davide Milesi (ITA)2:18:42 GR  Cihangir Demirel (TUR)2:18:43  Marco Toini (ITA)2:18:59
High jump  Jean-Charles Gicquel (FRA)2.26 m  Gustavo Becker (ESP)2.23 m  Miha Prijon (SLO)2.23 m
Pole vault  Stavros Tsitouras (GRE)5.55 m  Thierry Vigneron (FRA)5.50 m  Jean Galfione (FRA)5.35 m
Long jump  Spyridon Vasdekis (GRE)8.03 m (w)  Georgios Zabetakis (GRE)7.91 m  Serge Hélan (FRA)7.89 m (w)
Triple jump  Pierre Camara (FRA)17.03 m  Georges Sainte-Rose (FRA)17.00 m (w)  Lotfi Khaïda (ALG)16.88 m (w)
Shot put  Paolo Dal Soglio (ITA)20.22 m  Alessandro Andrei (ITA)19.37 m  Dimitrios Koutsoukis (GRE)18.83 m
Discus throw  Luciano Zerbini (ITA)60.90 m  Jean Pons (FRA)57.58 m  Jean-Claude Retel (FRA)57.22 m
Javelin throw  Ivan Mustapić (CRO)79.46 m GR  Fabio De Gaspari (ITA)77.18 m  Konstadinos Gatsioudis (GRE)77.00 m


Event Gold Silver Bronze
100 metres  Magali Simioneck (FRA)11.39  Odiah Sidibé (FRA)11.49  Ekaterini Koffa (GRE)11.71
200 metres  Maguy Nestoret (FRA)23.42  Valérie Jean-Charles (FRA)23.45  Donatella Dal Bianco (ITA)24.12
400 metres  Elsa Devassoigne (FRA)52.44  Francine Landre (FRA)52.95  Francesca Carbone (ITA)53.78
800 metres  Hassiba Boulmerka (ALG)2:03.86  Fabia Trabaldo (ITA)2:04.05  Amaia Andrés (ESP)2:05.16
1500 metres  Frédérique Quentin (FRA)4:11.09  Hassiba Boulmerka (ALG)4:11.09  Farida Fatès (FRA)4:12.60
3000 metres  Valentina Tauceri (ITA)9:00.10  Annette Sergent-Palluy (FRA)9:02.96  Julia Vaquero (ESP)9:04.99
100 metres hurdles  Brigita Bukovec (SLO)13.10  Cécile Cinélu (FRA)13.17  Patricia Girard (FRA)13.19
400 metres hurdles  Nezha Bidouane (MAR)56.09  Nadia Zétouani (MAR)57.04  Carole Nelson (FRA)57.45
4×100 metres relay  France (FRA)
Patricia Girard
Odiah Sidibé
Maguy Nestoret
Valerie Jean Charles
43.55  Italy (ITA)
Elisabetta Birolini
Giuseppina Perlino
Annarita Balzani
Laura Ardissone
45.62  Spain (ESP)
Ana Barrenechea
Carmen Garcia
Patricia Morales
Mireia Ruiz
Marathon  Helena Javornik (SLO)2:42:58 GR  Marie-Hélène Ohier (FRA)2:43:26  Sylviane Geffray (FRA)2:43:40
High jump  Britta Bilač (SLO)1.92 m  Nathalie Lefebvre (FRA)1.87 m  María Mar Martínez (ESP)1.84 m
Long jump  Corinne Hérigault (FRA)6.54 m (w)  Ksenija Predikaka (SLO)6.51 m (w)  Silvija Babić (CRO)6.45 m (w)
Shot put  Agnese Maffeis (ITA)17.04 m  Nataša Erjavec (SLO)16.88 m  Margarita Ramos (ESP)16.86 m
Discus throw  Agnese Maffeis (ITA)57.16 m  Ekaterini Vogoli (GRE)56.10 m  Monia Kari (TUN)55.38 m
Javelin throw  Nathalie Teppe (FRA)60.90 m  Nadine Auzeil (FRA)59.68 m  Renata Strašek (SLO)59.04 m
Heptathlon  Nathalie Teppe (FRA)6256 pts GR  Ghada Shouaa (SYR)6168 pts  Odile Lesage (FRA)5888 pts

Medal table

  *   Host nation (France)

1 France*15131038
2 Italy65516
3 Greece46313
4 Morocco43512
5 Slovenia3227
6 Algeria2327
7 Syria1102
8 Croatia1012
9 Spain0268
10 Turkey0101
11 Tunisia0022
Totals (11 nations)363636108


Thirteen of the nineteen nations participating at the games entered athletes into the athletics competition.[1]


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