Athletics at the 1988 Summer Olympics – Men's 1500 metres

The men's 1500 metres event at the 1988 Summer Olympics in Seoul, South Korea had an entrylist of 59 competitors, with four qualifying heats (59) and two semi-finals (26), before the final (12) took place on Saturday October 1, 1988.[1]

Men's 1500 metres
at the Games of the XXIV Olympiad
VenueSeoul Olympic Stadium
Date29 September – 1 October
Competitors59 from 46 nations
Winning time3:35.96
Peter Rono
Peter Elliott
 Great Britain
Jens-Peter Herold
 East Germany

This race typified the tactical running of miles and 1500's of this era. Nobody really cared about leading early or pushing the pace. Marcus O'Sullivan took the point by default. The British new guard of Peter Elliott and Steve Cram were just behind Omer Khalifa marking the lead. Just before two laps to go, the Kenyan team decided to change position led by Peter Rono moving out to lane 2 and from dead last running past the entire field into first place. He was soon joined by Joseph Chesire, who served as a Kenyan wall at the front. The first challenge to the wall was Jeff Atkinson, who managed to get around Chesire but could not get past Rono. Cheshire's weakness exposed, the entire pack went around him, everybody aiming to be just off the lead at the bell, the ever-present Steve Scott behind Atkinson, the Britons, with Jens-Peter Herold, Han Kulker and Kipkoech Cheruiyot all jockeying for position behind Rono on the backstretch. Atkinson faded while Elliott, Cram and Herold emerged toward the front, still behind Rono who was watching over his shoulder. Cram poised himself on Elliott's shoulder to make the big move coming off the turn with Scott, Kulker and Cheruiyot showing similar aspirations a step behind. But the only big move was Herold sneaking past Elliott on the inside while Elliott was concerned with Cram on his outside. Nobody's big move really advanced their position, Elliott using his best sprinting to just edge back ahead of Herold by the finish line for silver, Rono untested ahead of everyone.


GoldPeter Rono
SilverPeter Elliott
 Great Britain
BronzeJens-Peter Herold
 East Germany


These were the standing world and Olympic records (in minutes) prior to the 1988 Summer Olympics.

World Record 3:29.46 Saïd Aouita West Berlin (FRG) August 23, 1985
Olympic Record 3:32.53 Sebastian Coe Los Angeles (USA) August 11, 1984



Peter Rono Kenya3:35.96
Peter Elliott Great Britain3:36.15
Jens-Peter Herold East Germany3:36.21
4Steve Cram Great Britain3:36.24
5Steve Scott United States3:36.99
6Han Kulker Netherlands3:37.08
7Kipkoech Cheruiyot Kenya3:37.94
8Marcus O'Sullivan Ireland3:38.39
9Mario Silva Portugal3:38.77
10Jeff Atkinson United States3:40.80
11Joseph Chesire Kenya3:40.82
12Omer Khalifa Sudan3:41.07

Semi finals

  • Held on Friday September 30, 1988
1.  Kipkoech Cheruiyot (KEN) 3:38.09
2.  Steve Cram (GBR) 3:38.30
3.  Peter Elliott (GBR) 3:38.56
4.  Han Kulker (NED) 3:39.06
5.  Jeff Atkinson (USA) 3:39.12
6.  Joseph Chesire (KEN) 3:39.17
7.  Mogens Guldberg (DEN) 3:39.86
8.  Remi Geoffroy (FRA) 3:40.96
9.  Rachid Kram (ALG) 3:41.39
10.  Spyros Spyrou (CYP) 3:43.49
 Abdelmajide Moncif (MAR) DNF
 Peter Wirz (SUI) DNF
 Joaquim Cruz (BRA) DNS

1.  Steve Scott (USA) 3:38.20
2.  Peter Rono (KEN) 3:38.25
3.  Omer Khalifa (SUD) 3:38.40
4.  Mario Silva (POR) 3:38.56
5.  Jens-Peter Herold (GDR) 3:38.59
6.  Marcus O'Sullivan (IRL) 3:38.84
7.  Markus Hacksteiner (SUI) 3:39.18
8.  Mark Deady (USA) 3:39.47
9.  Steve Crabb (GBR) 3:39.55
10.  Mbiganyi Thee (BOT) 3:42.62
11.  Gennaro Di Napoli (ITA) 3:43.58
12.  Mostafa Lachal (MAR) 3:45.65
 Saïd Aouita (MAR) DNS


First 5 of each heat (Q) and next 6 fastest (q) qualified for the semifinals.

13Peter Rono Kenya3:37.65Q
23Jeff Atkinson United States3:38.33Q
33Peter Elliott Great Britain3:38.60Q
43Markus Hacksteiner  Switzerland3:39.05Q
53Mostafa Lachal Morocco3:39.20Q
63Rachid Kram Algeria3:39.90q
72Kipkoech Cheruiyot Kenya3:39.98Q
84Jens-Peter Herold East Germany3:40.87Q
91Steve Cram Great Britain3:40.89Q
104Han Kulker Netherlands3:40.90Q
113Joaquim Cruz Brazil3:40.92q
124Steve Crabb Great Britain3:41.12Q
134Peter Wirz  Switzerland3:41.26Q
144Omer Khalifa Sudan3:41.46Q
151Steve Scott United States3:41.57Q
161Rémy Geoffroy France3:41.68Q
171Joseph Chesire Kenya3:41.72Q
184Abdelmajide Moncif Morocco3:41.73q
191Gennaro Di Napoli Italy3:41.85Q
202Mark Deady United States3:41.91Q
213Mbiganyi Thee Botswana3:41.97q
221Marcus O'Sullivan Ireland3:42.01q
222Mogens Guldberg Denmark3:42.01Q
242Saïd Aouita Morocco3:42.18Q
252Mario Silva Portugal3:42.24Q
263Spyros Spyrou Cyprus3:42.32q
272Marcus Rapp  Switzerland3:42.64
282David Campbell Canada3:42.97
293Gerry O'Reilly Ireland3:43.23
301Ari Suhonen Finland3:43.61
314Mahmoud Kalboussi Tunisia3:43.72
322Mohamed Suleiman Qatar3:44.43
331José Luíz Barbosa Brazil3:44.46
342Duan Xiuquan China3:44.88
352Pat Scammell Australia3:45.21
361Branko Zorko Yugoslavia3:45.52
373Jo Jin-Saeng South Korea3:45.63
383Jan Kubista Czechoslovakia3:46.41
391Michael Watson Bermuda3:46.49
401Melford Homela Zimbabwe3:47.38
412Jama Aden Somalia3:49.84
424Dale Jones Antigua and Barbuda3:51.22
434Hameed Al-Dousari Saudi Arabia3:51.53
441Hoche Yaya Aden Djibouti3:51.56
454Eulucane Ndagijimana Rwanda3:51.61
464Josep Graells Andorra3:52.68
472Ramón López Paraguay3:53.31
481Eugénio Katombi Angola3:54.25
494Zeki Öztürk Turkey3:54.26
501Modupe Jonah Sierra Leone3:55.15
514Douglas Consiglio Canada3:55.31
524Seid Gayaplé Chad3:58.46
534Haribahadur Rokaya   Nepal4:01.17
542Kenneth Dzekedzeke Malawi4:02.61
553Moses Zarak Khan Fiji4:03.20
563Awad Saleh Ahmed North Yemen4:03.86
573Johnd Siguria Papua New Guinea4:07.04
581Mohamed Ould Khayar Mauritania4:12.18
592Bernardo Elonga Equatorial Guinea4:16.40
2Nimely Twegbe LiberiaDNS

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