Athletics at the 1936 Summer Olympics – Women's 100 metres

The women's 100 metres sprint event at the 1936 Olympic Games took place between August 3 and August 4. The final was won by American Helen Stephens.[1]

Women's 100 metres
at the Games of the XI Olympiad
DatesAugust 3 (heats and semifinals)
August 4 (final)
Helen Stephens
 United States
Stanisława Walasiewicz
Käthe Krauß



Heat 1

RankNameNationalityTime (hand)Notes
1Emmy Albus Germany12.4Q
2Johanna Vancura Austria12.5Q
3Hilda Cameron Canada12.7
4Harriet Bland United States
5Raili Halttu Finland

Heat 2

RankNameNationalityTime (hand)Notes
1Helen Stephens United States11.4Q
2Jeanette Dolson Canada12.3Q
3Grete Neumann Austria12.9
4Etsuko Komiya Japan13.1
5Flora Hofman Yugoslavia

Heat 3

RankNameNationalityTime (hand)Notes
1Stanisława Walasiewicz Poland12.5Q
2Rauni Essman Finland12.8Q
3Elisabeth Koning Netherlands12.9
4Marguerite Perrou France12.3
5Li Sen Republic of China

Heat 4

RankNameNationalityTime (hand)Notes
1Eileen Hiscock Great Britain12.6Q
2Annette Rogers United States12.8Q
3Alida de Vries Netherlands13.0
4Charlotte Machmer Austria
5Ebba From Finland

Heat 5

RankNameNationalityTime (hand)Notes
1Käthe Krauß Germany12.1Q
2Aileen Meagher Canada12.4Q
3Audrey Brown Great Britain12.6
4Vera Romanić Yugoslavia
5Claudia Testoni Italy

Heat 6

RankNameNationalityTime (hand)Notes
1Marie Dollinger Germany12.0Q
2Barbara Burke Great Britain12.4Q
3Domnitsa Lanitou-Kavounidou Greece12.8
4Yvonne Mabille France
5Raquel Martínez Chile


Heat 1

RankNameNationalityTime (hand)Notes
1Helen Stephens United States11.5Q
2Käthe Krauß Germany11.9Q
3Emmy Albus Germany12.2Q
4Eileen Hiscock Great Britain
5Aileen Meagher Canada
6Johanna Vancura Austria

Heat 2

RankNameNationalityTime (hand)Notes
1Marie Dollinger Germany12.0Q
2Stanisława Walasiewicz Poland12.0Q
3Annette Rogers United States12.1Q
4Barbara Burke Great Britain12.2
5Jeanette Dolson Canada
6Rauni Essman Finland


Helen Stephens United States11.5
Stanisława Walasiewicz Poland11.7
Käthe Krauß Germany11.9
4Marie Dollinger Germany12.0
5Annette Rogers United States12.2
6Emmy Albus Germany12.3


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