Atherfield Ledge

Atherfield Ledge is a rocky outcrop extending from the coast of the Back of the Wight, Isle of Wight. This is a famous shipwreck location. Along with Brook Ledge and Brighstone Ledge it is one of the area's main shipping hazards.[1]


About two miles east from the Brighstone Ledge the Atherfield ledge is a small (half a mile square) outcrop occupying a central position reaching into the current.[2]

Numerous ships have been wrecked upon this ledge because it's the focal point of the tide, many have left their remains turning it into a graveyard.

Atherfield Ledge shipwrecks

  • SS Eider
  • Sirenia - in which several lifeboat men lost their lives.
  • Diligent - Ore steamer.
  • Auguste 1900 - Cargo of Eucalyptus wood from Australia
  • Alcester 1897 - Cargo of Jute from India


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