Askey scheme

In mathematics, the Askey scheme is a way of organizing orthogonal polynomials of hypergeometric or basic hypergeometric type into a hierarchy. For the classical orthogonal polynomials discussed in Andrews & Askey (1985), the Askey scheme was first drawn by Labelle (1985) and by Askey and Wilson (1985), and has since been extended by Koekoek & Swarttouw (1998) and Koekoek, Lesky & Swarttouw (2010) to cover basic orthogonal polynomials.

Askey scheme for hypergeometric orthogonal polynomials

Koekoek, Lesky & Swarttouw (2010, p.183) give the following version of the Askey scheme:

Wilson | Racah
Continuous dual Hahn | Continuous Hahn | Hahn | dual Hahn
Meixner–Pollaczek | Jacobi | Pseudo Jacobi | Meixner | Krawtchouk
Laguerre | Bessel | Charlier

Askey scheme for basic hypergeometric orthogonal polynomials

Koekoek, Lesky & Swarttouw (2010, p.413) give the following scheme for basic hypergeometric orthogonal polynomials:

Askey–Wilson | q-Racah
Continuous dual q-Hahn | Continuous q-Hahn | Big q-Jacobi | q-Hahn | dual q-Hahn
Al-Salam–Chihara | q-Meixner–Pollaczek | Continuous q-Jacobi | Big q-Laguerre | Little q-Jacobi | q-Meixner | Quantum q-Krawtchouk | q-Krawtchouk | Affine q-Krawtchouk | Dual q-Krawtchouk
Continuous big q-Hermite | Continuous q-Laguerre | Little q-Laguerre | q-Laguerre | q-Bessel | q-Charlier | Al-Salam–Carlitz I | Al-Salam–Carlitz II
Continuous q-Hermite | Stieltjes–Wigert | Discrete q-Hermite I | Discrete q-Hermite II


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