Ashiyana (English: Beautiful Home) (Urdu : ﺁشيانه) was a popular 1997 Pakistani drama series which was aired on the Pakistan Television network in 1997. The Story is about orphan siblings and the challenges they face in their life. Despite all their struggles they manage to make their home into a house full of love and life. The series also highlighted the struggle between those living in rural Pakistan who wish to emigrate abroad in the desire for a better life.

Created byKashif Mehmood
Written byMunnoo Bhai
Directed byM. Usman, Zulfiqar Ali
StarringQavi Khan
Waseem Abbas
Kashif Mehmood
Maria Wasti
Irfan Khoosat
Seemi Zaidi
Opening themeRage
Composer(s)Akhter Hussain
Country of originPakistan
Original language(s)Urdu
No. of seasons1
No. of episodes15
Original networkPakistan Television Corporation
Original release1997


  • Qavi Khan as Wajid Khan
  • Irfan Khoosat as Chaudhary Rehmat
  • Waseem Abbas as Nouman
  • Seemi Zaidi as Sapna
  • Maria Wasti as Saima
  • M. Zubair as Bhai Uncle
  • Javed Kodu[1] as Babu
  • Kashif Mehmood as Saif
  • Shazib Mirza as Chaudhary Nazeer
  • Sanam Nazi as Babi Aunty
  • Aamna Ahmed as Narmeen
  • Mahazaib as Billo
  • Zia Khan as Sajid
  • Azhar Zaheer as Waqar Uncle
  • Amanat Chann as Chand
  • Chacha Tufail as Chacha Karmo
  • Atiq as Atiq
  • Tahir Noushad as Rafiq
  • Touqeer Ahmed as Dumb Man
  • Imran Islam as Aamir
  • Atif Mehmood as Bantoo
  • Semal Rehan as Gurya
  • Furqan Latif as Waleed
  • Nadia Saeed as Alia
  • Najma Wasti as Raheela
  • Abdulla as Jabbar Mechanic
  • Anita Kamfiar as Aya Amma

Rage Music Band

  • Salman
  • Ali
  • Cristopher
  • Ahmer


  1. Lodhi, Adnan (12 May 2017). "Actor Javed Kodu in desperate need of help". Express Tribune. Retrieved 22 August 2017. I enjoyed the same popularity as part of PTV through roles such as the one I played in Aashiyana.

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