Ashford Caves

The Ashford Caves, located within the Kwiambal National Park, are a series of caves that contain an outcrop of coralline limestone and are located in the New England Northern Tablelands region of New South Wales, in eastern Australia. The caves are managed by the NSW National Parks & Wildlife Service and are situated approximately 8 kilometres (5.0 mi) west of the former Ashford coal mine, north of Ashford and not far from the Queensland border town of Texas.

Ashford Caves
Bats occupy several caverns in the caves complex.
Location in New South Wales
LocationAshford, New South Wales, Australia
Coordinates29°12′29″S 150°58′56″E
Show cave opened1915
Show cave length560 metres (1,840 ft)[1]

Originally on a private property, the Ashford Caves are now part of the Kwiambal National Park. A basic camping ground called 'Lemon Tree Flat' is located within a 10-kilometre (6.2 mi) radius of the cave entrance, as are the Macintyre Falls.[2]

The large arch-shaped opening was made to access the phosphate (guano) resources for use as fertilizer, which has been quite profitable. Prospects of mining limestone at this location have been explored, but dismissed as unviable.

A colony of Eastern Bent-wing Bats[3] inhabits the cave system and breeds from November through March.

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