Arvind Trivedi

Arvind Trivedi (born 8 November 1938 in Indore) is an Indian actor. He, alongside his brother Upendra Trivedi, has been prolific in Gujarati cinema for over 40 years.

He is most famous for portraying Ravan in Ramanand Sagar's television series Ramayan. He acted in other TV series like Vikram Aur Betaal and others.

Trivedi has acted in almost 250 films including Hindi and Gujarati.

In 1991, Arvind Trivedi was elected as a Member of Parliament from Sabarkatha district and was in the office till 1996.

In 2002 he was named as the acting chairman of the Indian Censor Board for Film Certification (CBFC).[1]

The movie Desh Re Joya Dada Pardesh Joya, where he acted as 'Dadaji' (Grandfather), was a movie that broke many box office records and he is still remembered for that role.


Title Type Language Year Comment
Desh Re Joya Dada Pardesh Joya Movie Gujarati 1998 Played "Dadaji"
Brahmrishi Vishwamitra TV series Hindi 1991 played Trishanku
Ramayan TV series Hindi 1986 played Ravana
Vikram Aur Betal TV serial Hindi 1988 Yogi
Dholi Movie Gujarati 1982
Maniyaro Movie Gujarati 1980
Santu Rangili Movie Gujarati 1976
Jogidas Khuman Movie Gujarati 1975
Hothal Padmini Movie Gujarati 1974
Trimurti Movie Hindi 1974 played Balraam (Main villain)
Kunwarbai Nu Mamerun Movie Gujarati 1974 played Narsinh Mehta
Aaj Ki Taaza Khabar Movie Hindi 1973 credited as "Arvind Trivadi"
Jangal Mein Mangal Movie Hindi 1972
Jesal Toral Movie Gujarati 1971
Paraya Dhan Movie Hindi 1971


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