Arthur Mayer

Arthur L. Mayer (March 28, 1886, Demopolis, Alabama - April 14, 1981, New York City) was an American film producer and film distributor who worked with Joseph Burstyn in distributing films directed by Roberto Rossellini and other famous European film directors. Some films were distributed under the name Burstyn-Mayer Inc.[1] Mayer was also interviewed by Warren Beatty for Beatty's film Reds (1981).

In 1949, Mayer went into business to distribute French films in the U.S. with Edward Kingsley, who later founded Kingsley-International Pictures.[2]

Mayer was co-producer of the French documentary film La Vie Commence Demain (Life Begins Tomorrow, 1950), directed by Nicole Védrès and featuring Pablo Picasso and Jean-Paul Sartre, as well as the feature film High Hell (1958). He was married to Lillie Mayer (born July 29, 1889).

List of films distributed by Mayer and Burstyn


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