Arthur Highway

The Arthur Highway (A9) is a Tasmanian highway which runs from Sorell in the near south to Port Arthur in the far south-east.[2][3]

Arthur Highway

General information
Length69.9 km (43 mi)
Route number(s)
  • A9
  • (Entire Length)
route number
State Route 7[1]
Major junctions
North end
  • Pawleena Road (C332)
  • Nugent Road (C331)
  • Lewisham Scenic Drive (C340)
  • Old Fawcett Road (C334)
  • Delmore Road (C333)
  • Sugarloaf Road (C349)
  • Kellevie Road (C335)
  • Marion Bay Road (C337)
  • Nubeena Road <smell>(B37)
South end
Major settlementsCopping, Dunalley, Eaglehawk Neck
Highway system

Route description

From its intersection with the Tasman Highway in Sorell the highway runs east, crossing Iron Creek before turning south-east to Forcett. From there it continues in an easterly direction, crossing the Carlton River, to Copping, where it turns south to Dunalley. Here it crosses the Denison Canal via a swing bridge to the Forestier Peninsula, before continuing south-east to Eaglehawk Neck, the entry to the Tasman Peninsula. After following the southern shore of Eaglehawk Bay to the west the highway turns south and continues in that direction to Port Arthur where it transitions to route B37 (Nubeena Road).[4]


Port Arthur (the town) was named for George Arthur, the lieutenant governor of Van Diemen’s Land.[5] It is likely that the name of the highway was derived from this source.

The first “proper” crossing of the Carlton River, near the line now followed by the highway, was opened in 1883. It consisted of multiple wooden bridges and causeways.[6] Work commenced on a concrete bridge, a replacement for all three wooden bridges on a slightly altered alignment, in 1944.[7]

The Denison Canal opened in 1905 with a wooden, manually operated swing bridge. This was replaced by an electrically operated bridge in 1965.[8]

Major intersections

SorellSorell00.0 Tasman Highway (A3) - west - Penna /
south - Cambridge
Northern end of Arthur Highway, which continues east through Sorell.
0.550.34 Pawleena Road (C332) - north - Pawleena
1.10.68 Nugent Road (C331) - north-east - Wattle Hill, Nugent
Iron Creek2.6–
Bridge over creek (name not known)
SorellForcett5.33.3 Lewisham Scenic Drive (C340) - south - Lewisham
6.84.2 Old Forcett Road (C334) - south - Dodges Ferry
7.24.5 Delmore Road (C333) - north-east - Wattle Hill
11.67.2 Sugarloaf Road (C349) - south - Carlton River
Carlton River18.711.6Bridge over river (name not known)
SorellCopping21.313.2 Kellevie Road (C335) - north - Kellevie
22.113.7 Marion Bay Road (C337) - east - Bream Creek
Dunalley29.318.2 Bay Road (C337) - north-east - Marion Bay
31.719.7 Fulham Road (C334) - west - Connellys Marsh
Denison Canal31.819.8Swing bridge over canal (name not known)
TasmanTaranna59.937.2 Nubeena Road (B37) - north-west - Nubeena
Port Arthur69.943.4 Safety Cove Road (C347) - south - Port ArthurSouthern end of Arthur Highway.
Road continues as Nubeena Road (B37)
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi

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