Arthur Barrand

Arthur Rhys Barrand (28 October 1861 – 3 August 1941)[1] was a British Liberal Party politician.


Barrand was born the son of Isaac Andrew Barrand in Stoke Newington. He was educated at Birkbeck School, Kingsland and at Finsbury Technical College. In 1889 he married Emily Brydon Schofield of Manchester. They settled in Bycullah Road, Enfield.[2] He retired to live in Dunbar Road, Bournemouth.[3]

Professional career

Barrand worked as an actuary from 1895 until he was called to bar by the Middle Temple in 1906. He was the joint author of 'Bunyon's Law of Life Assurance' (5th edition).[4] He was a financier and director of an insurance company[5] and an Assistant Manager of the Prudential Assurance Company.

Political career

Barrand was selected as Liberal candidate for Pudsey in 1914 for an election that was deferred due to the outbreak of war. Standing as a Coalition Liberal at the 1918 general election, he was elected Member of Parliament (MP) for the Pudsey and Otley division of the West Riding of Yorkshire. As a holder of the Coalition Coupon, he did not face a Unionist opponent in 1918. At the 1919 Spen Valley by-election he visited the constituency to speak in support of the Liberal candidate and against the Coalition Liberal candidate. This action ultimately led to the Unionists decision to oppose him at a future election. After 4 years in the House of Commons he was defeated at the 1922 general election by the Unionist Frederick Fawkes.[6] He not stand again.

Electoral record

1918 United Kingdom general election: Pudsey and Otley[7]
Party Candidate Votes % ±
C Liberal Arthur Barrand 13,860 75.2 n/a
Labour George Ripley Carter 4,583 24.8 n/a
Majority 9,277 50.4 n/a
Turnout 18,443 58.6 n/a
Registered electors 31,487
Liberal win (new seat)
C indicates candidate endorsed by the coalition government.
General election 1922: Pudsey and Otley[8]
Party Candidate Votes % ±
Unionist Frederick Fawkes 12,396 46.5 n/a
Liberal Arthur Barrand 8,439 31.7 43.5
Labour Percy Myers 5,818 21.8 3.0
Majority 3,957 14.8 n/a
Turnout 26,653 82.0 +23.4
Registered electors 32,506
Unionist gain from Liberal Swing n/a


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Parliament of the United Kingdom
New constituency Member of Parliament for Pudsey and Otley
Succeeded by
Frederick Fawkes
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