Arruza (film)

Arruza is a 1972 documentary film about Carlos Arruza directed by Budd Boetticher.


Boetticher left Hollywood at the height of his success to make a film about Arruza. "I wanted to do something nobody else in the world could do," he says. "I thought, "I'll make a picture about bullfighting, and I'll use Carlos playing himself."... I had to do that picture. I tossed the whole Hollywood thing over because I couldn't see any other time ever when the best bullfighter in the world, who is the best friend of a well-known motion picture director, could make a picture together."[1]

He recalled "it should have been just a short project, but it turned into a seven-year nightmare."[1]

The film did not come out until 1972 because Boetticher says "I wasn't satisfied with it. I didn't want it to come out until I was completely happy with it. It's still a picture I can go and look at now and say, "boy, I'm glad I made that."[1]


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