Arming point

Arming points are reinforced places on a gambeson where pieces of armor may be laced on.[1]

One of the common arming points uses, is to attach armour to the ‘arming doublet’. These points are regularly polished to avoid the harness from falling after secured into place and also for additional strength. Arming points make a custom armour fit appropriately and extent the weight out balancing the armour. Ripping out by the arming points is a frequent point of failure on arming clothes. This is triggered by mail that is secured too firmly and pulls on the points, once doing stretched movement, or hefty plate legs. Strengthening tabs are utilized to minimize this. Occasionally they are held straight to the garment by the points, or they are stitched to the attire. The four hole points will be held on by the point and typically the two hole points will be stitched right to the clothing.


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