Armies of Stephen of Blois on the First Crusade and the Crusade of 1101

The armies of Stephen of Blois participated in the First Crusade of 1096 and the minor crusade of 1101. Stephen, Count of Blois, was married to Adela of Normandy, daughter of William the Conqueror, and was the father of Stephen, King of England. Stephen apparently fled the battlefield at Antioch[1] and returned home. He was coerced by Adela to form another army to return to the Holy Land in 1101, accompanied by Stephen I “the Rash”, Count of Burgundy.

The known members of the army, which numbered in the thousands, include the ones listed below, as reported in histories of the First Crusade and the Crusade of 1101. Unless otherwise noted, references are to the on-line database of Riley-Smith, et al,[2][3] and the hyperlinks therein provide details including original sources. The names below are also referenced in the Riley-Smith tome, Appendix I: Preliminary List of Crusaders. Those references are not shown unless they appear elsewhere in the text of the afore mentioned book. Articles that are hyperlinked to a more detailed article in this encyclopædia rely on the latter for references.

First Crusade

The members of Stephen's first army are identified from a number of sources. Runciman[4] names the following members of Stephen’s army that participated in the First Crusade::

According to Riley-Smith,[8] “...the entire ruling class of Chartres took the cross--the vidame and his brother, and the viscount--together with the provost and perhaps two canons of the cathedral, the castellans of Mondoubleau, Fréteval, Gallardon and Beaugency, and the prévôt of Blois...” These individuals included:

  • Nivelo of Fréteval
  • Garin of Gallardo
  • Hugh I of Gallardo
  • Hugh Guernonatus, the Prévôt of Blois, plus his son Guarin

Other members of the army included the following:

Crusade of 1101

The army of Stephen supporting the Crusade of 1101 included the following:


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