Armenia Time

Armenia Time (AMT) is a time zone used in Armenia. Armenia Time is four hours ahead of UTC at UTC+04:00.[1]

Clock time is about one hour later than solar noon in Armenia, as presented on the top map. Consequently, population activity hours are similar to those in Paris or Barcelona, which have about the same shift to solar time (soft pink on the above-mentioned map). They are about one hour later compared to those in Berlin and Vienna (white on the map), and are two hours later than those in Warsaw and New York (soft blue on the map).

Daylight saving time

Armenia does not utilize Daylight saving time. The Government of Armenia issued a decree that cancelled the observance of daylight saving time, otherwise known as Armenia Summer Time (AMST) in 2012.[2]

Other time zones in UTC +4

Some time zones exist that have the same offset as AMT, but can be found under a different name in other countries, these include:[3]


The partially recognized state of the Republic of Artsakh also uses Armenia Time (AMT).

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