Aristodemo Costoli

Aristodemo Costoli (18031871) was an Italian sculptor who spent his entire career in the city of Florence. His students included Girolamo Masini, Augusto Rivalta and his son Leopoldo Costoli.

Partial anthology of works


Other cities in Italy

  • Genoa: Prudence and Columbus placing flag on Beach (1862), monument to Christopher Columbus.
  • Ancona: Monument to Cavour (1868), with statue dedicated to Cavour and two bas-reliefs, at Cavour square.
  • Pisa: Monument to Angelica Catalani (1859), at Camposanto.
  • Lucca: Bust of Leopold II, Museo nazionale di villa Guinigi.

Other countries:

  • Santiago, Chile: Monument to Pedro de Valdivia
  • Saint Petersburg: Memorial to Ekaterina Arkadievna Kotchoubey and her daughter Vera
  • Private commissions, England.


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