Archive Corp.

Archive Corporation was a computer tape drive manufacturer, based in Costa Mesa, California that was acquired by Conner Peripherals in 1993.

Of particular note are the Archive DDS tape drives produced for Silicon Graphics that could also read and write Digital Audio Tapes.

  • Archive Python 4320[1]
  • Archive Peregrine 4326 (branded Conner or Seagate)[2]

Prior to this, Archive was a leading vendor of the very popular QIC (Quarter-inch cartridge) format which was a popular distribution format for UNIX workstations and servers. For example, Sun-3 (Motorola 68k family) and Sun-4 (SPARC) software was most commonly distributed on QIC media before the CD-ROM became more cost-effective. Archive was probably better known for their QIC drives.


  • In 1989, Archive acquired Maynard Electronics. The MaynStream brand of tape drives and software was maintained.
  • In March 1990, Archive acquired Cipher Data Products for $118 Million. This included Cipher's subsidiary Irwin Magnetics.


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