Arbitration Act 2005

The Arbitration Act 2005 (Malay: Akta Timbang Tara 2005) is a Malaysian law which was enacted to reform the law relating to domestic arbitration, provide for international arbitration, the recognition and enforcement of awards, and for related matters.

Arbitration Act 2005
Parliament of Malaysia
CitationAct 646
Territorial extentThroughout Malaysia
Enacted byDewan Rakyat
Passed7 December 2005
Enacted byDewan Negara
Passed22 December 2005
Royal assent30 December 2005
Commenced31 December 2005
Effective[15 Mac 2006; P.U. (B) 65/2006]
Legislative history
Bill introduced in the Dewan RakyatArbitration Bill 2005
Bill citationD.R. 30/2005
Introduced byM. Kayveas, Deputy Minister in the Prime Minister's Department
First reading5 December 2005
Second reading7 December 2005
Third reading7 December 2005
Bill introduced in the Dewan NegaraArbitration Bill 2005
Bill citationD.R. 30/2005
Introduced by[[]], Minister of
First reading8 December 2005
Second reading21 December 2005
Third reading22 December 2005
Amended by
Arbitration (Amendment) Act 2011 [Act A1395]
Related legislation
Arbitration Act 1952 [Act 93]
Convention on the Recognition and Enforcement of Foreign Arbitral Awards Act 1985 [Act 320]
Status: In force


The Arbitration Act 2005, in its current form (1 July 2011), consists of 4 Parts containing 51 sections and no schedule (including 1 amendment).

  • Part I: Preliminary
  • Part II: Arbitration
    • Chapter 1: General Provisions
    • Chapter 2: Arbitration Agreement
    • Chapter 3: Composition of Arbitrators
    • Chapter 4: Jurisdiction of Arbitral Tribunal
    • Chapter 5: Conduct of Arbitral Proceedings
    • Chapter 6: Making of Award and Termination of Proceedings
    • Chapter 7: Recourse Against Award
    • Chapter 8: Recognition and Enforcement of Awards
  • Part III: Additional Provisions Relating to Arbitration
  • Part IV: Miscellaneous


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