Aravidu dynasty

The Aravidu Dynasty was the fourth and last Hindu dynasty which ruled Vijayanagara Empire in South India. Its founder was Aliya Rama Raya, who had been the masterful regent of the last ruler of the previous Tuluva Dynasty and de-facto ruler.[1] Rama Raya's death at the Battle of Rakasa-Tangadi (also known as the Battle of Talikota) in 1565 led to the subsequent destruction of Vijayanagar by the combined forces of the Deccan states.

Vijayanagara Empire
Sangama dynasty
Harihara I 1336–1356
Bukka Raya I 1356–1377
Harihara Raya II 1377–1404
Virupaksha Raya 1404–1405
Bukka Raya II 1405–1406
Deva Raya I 1406–1422
Ramachandra Raya 1422
Vira Vijaya Bukka Raya 1422–1424
Deva Raya II 1424–1446
Mallikarjuna Raya 1446–1465
Virupaksha Raya II 1465–1485
Praudha Raya 1485
Saluva dynasty
Saluva Narasimha Deva Raya 1485–1491
Thimma Bhupala 1491
Narasimha Raya II 1491–1505
Tuluva dynasty
Tuluva Narasa Nayaka 1491–1503
Vira Narasimha Raya 1503–1509
Krishna Deva Raya 1509–1529
Achyuta Deva Raya 1529–1542
Venkata I 1542
Sadasiva Raya 1542–1570
Aravidu dynasty
Aliya Rama Raya 1542–1565
Tirumala Deva Raya 1565–1572
Sriranga I 1572–1586
Venkata II 1586–1614
Sriranga II 1614
Rama Deva Raya 1617–1632
Venkata III 1632–1642
Sriranga III 1642–1646

The Aravidus were Telugus native to southern Andhra.[2] They moved the Vijayanagara capital to Penukonda and later to Chandragiri.[3]


As of 2019, The King of the dynasty is Krishna Devaraya who ascended the throne in 2008 after the death of his father. He has been actively involved in many activities which were traditionally done by the Maharaja such as the Hampi Utsav which is attended by hundreds of thousands of people each year. He also has been actively involved in restoring his family’s old ancestral properties such as the palace in Anegundi. He is married to Rathnashree Raya and they have issue-

Yuvraja Tirumala Venkata Devaraya(Born 4 December 2000)

Shivaraya Kumari(born 6 February 2007)

Krishnaraya Kumari(born 6 February 2007)

the family mainly resides in Vijayanagar, Bangalore and Hospet


The main rulers of the Aravidu dynasty were:


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