Arabian Gulf Futsal Cup

In 2012[1] the GCC countries established the GCC Futsal Cup like the Arabian Gulf Cup, The tournament was founded in 2012, The First Gulf Cup tournament took place in 2013,[2] and was won by the Kuwaiti team

Arabian Gulf Futsal Cup
RegionWest Asia
Number of teams6
Current champions Kuwait
 (2nd title)
Most successful team(s) Kuwait
 (2 titles)
2015 GCC Futsal Cup

Kuwait has been the most successful team in the cup, winning 2[3] tournaments out of 2 in total.

In May 2016, a new regional governing body was established to organise the competition, known as the Gulf Cup Federation.


Year Host nation Final Third Place Match
Champion Score Second Place Third Place Score Fourth Place
 Qatar Kuwait  n/a Saudi Arabia  Bahrain  n/a Qatar 
 Bahrain Kuwait  4-2 Qatar  United Arab Emirates  3-2 Oman 

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