Arab Chess Championship

The Arab Chess Championship is an annual international chess competition organized by the Arab Chess Federation, with 18 member countries. Parallel Men's and Women's competitions have been held in various cities since 1983.


YearCityWinnerWomen's winner
1983Tunis Saeed Abdul Razak (Iraq) Maysae Tahtaoui (Syria)
1984Dubai Saeed-Ahmed Saeed (United Arab Emirates) Nadia Mohammad Saleh (United Arab Emirates)
1985Casablanca Saeed Abdul Razak (Iraq) Fermsik Waria Mohammed (Iraq)
1986Tunis Slim Bouaziz (Tunisia) Maysae Tahtaoui (Syria)
1987Manama Bassem Afifi (Egypt) Fermsik Waria Mohammed (Iraq)
1988Kuwait Hichem Hamdouchi (Morocco) Sohir Basta (Egypt)
1991Dubai Slim Bouaziz (Tunisia) Meriem Abbou (Algeria)
1992Doha Foued Taher (Egypt)??
1993Oman- - - Meriem Abbou (Algeria)
1993Amman Hichem Hamdouchi (Morocco)- - -
1994Jordan Mohamad Al-Modiahki (Qatar) Sohir Basta (Egypt)
1995Beirut Hichem Hamdouchi (Morocco)??
1996Sana'a Essam Aly Ahmed (Egypt)??
1997Iraq Mohamad Al-Modiahki (Qatar)??
1998Agadir?? Eva Repkova Eid (Lebanon)
1999Aden Imad Hakki (Syria) Knarik Mouradian (Lebanon)
2000Beirut Mohamad Al-Modiahki (Qatar) Eva Repkova Eid (Lebanon)
2001Tunis Slim Belkhodja (Tunisia) Eman Hassane Al Rufei (Iraq)
2002Casablanca Mohamad Al-Modiahki (Qatar) [1] Eman Hassane Al Rufei (Iraq)
2003Cairo Essam El Gindy (Egypt) Knarik Mouradian (Lebanon)
2004Dubai Hichem Hamdouchi (Morocco) Knarik Mouradian (Lebanon)
2005Dubai Bassem Amin (Egypt) Eman Hassane Al Rufei (Iraq)
2006Dubai Bassem Amin (Egypt) Amina Mezioud (Algeria)
2007Ta'izz Basheer Al Qudaimi (Yemen) Knarik Mouradian (Lebanon)
2008Sharjah Salem A.R. Saleh (UAE) Mona Khaled (Egypt)
2009Tunis Essam El Gindy (Egypt) Zhu Chen (Qatar)
2013Abu Dhabi Bassem Amin (Egypt)[2] Zhu Chen (Qatar)[3]
2014Amman Salem A.R. Saleh (UAE) Sabrina Latreche (Algeria),  Shahenda Wafa (Egypt)
2015[4]Agadir Mohamed Ezat (Egypt) Mona Khaled (Egypt)
2016Khartoum Mahfoud Oussedik (Algeria) Sabrina Latreche (Algeria)
2017Sharjah Mohamed Haddouche (Algeria) Amina Mezioud (Algeria)
2018Dubai Salem A.R. Saleh (UAE) Shahenda Wafa (Egypt)


  1. Mohamad Al-Modhiahki and Hichem Hamdouchi obtained the same number of points ( 7 ) but Al-Modhiahki was declared champion to the advantage of the accumulation (33 points against 32.5)
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