Appleton-Century-Crofts, Inc. was a division of the Meredith Publishing Company. It is a result of the merger of Appleton-Century Company with F.S. Crofts Co. in 1948. Prior to that The Century Company had merged with D. Appleton & Company in 1933.

SuccessorAppleton & Lange (medical)
Prentice Hall (textbooks)
Hawthorn Books (trade)
Country of originUnited States

The Century Company and its subsequent incarnations published the New Century Dictionary.

Eventually Meredith sold the majority of the company and the Appleton name to Prentice-Hall in 1973.[1] Part of the company became part of Hawthorn Books and New Win Publishing.


  • 1948 Appleton-Century Company, founded in 1933, merged with F. S. Crofts Co., founded in 1924, to form Appleton-Century-Crofts.
  • 1960 Purchased by Meredith Publishing Company
  • 1969 Meredith trade books division sold to Hawthorn Books
  • 1973 Appleton textbook division purchased by Prentice Hall; the medical division retains the Appleton name
  • 1974 New Century division sold to Charles Walther, and was later renamed New Win Publishing
  • 1998 Prentice Hall merged with Pearson Education
  • 1999 Pearson Education sells successor company Appleton & Lange to McGraw-Hill[2]
  • 2003 Academic Learning Company, LLC acquired New Win Publishing, which was a division of New Century Publishing


  • Century vagabond books of travel

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