Aphrodesia's Diary

Aphrodesia's Diary is a 1983 American adult erotic film directed by Radley Metzger (as "Henry Paris", uncredited) and Gérard Kikoïne (as "Gerard Kikoine").[1][2][3]

Aphrodesia's Diary
Original movie poster
Directed byRadley Metzger
("Henry Paris", uncredited)
Gérard Kikoïne
(as "Gerard Kikoine")
Produced bySerge Lincoln
Written byFinley Walker
StarringDominique Saint Claire
Kevin James
Lisa Cintrice
Joanna Storm
Vanessa del Rio
Desiree Cousteau
Music byJane Glenn
CinematographyGérard Loubeau
(as "Gerard Loubeau")
Edited byJason Hyatt
Distributed byAudubon Films;
Caballero Control Corporation (CCC)
Release date
1983 (US)
Running time
85 minutes (US)
CountryUnited States

The film was released during the Golden Age of Porn (inaugurated by the 1969 release of Andy Warhol's Blue Movie) in the United States, at a time of "porno chic",[4][5] in which adult erotic films were just beginning to be widely released, publicly discussed by celebrities (like Johnny Carson and Bob Hope)[6] and taken seriously by film critics (like Roger Ebert).[7][8]


Adrianne is reading her diary in her hotel room, and begins to recall some of the adventures that she wrote in it, including her experiences with a young horse trainer, a man who offered her a lot of money to appear in an erotic film, the gambler who persuaded her to be a liberated woman, and more.[1]


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