Apex Tool Group

Apex Tool Group is an American supplier of hand tools and power tools. It was formed as a joint venture of Cooper Industries and Danaher by the merger of Cooper Tools and Danaher's Tools and Components segment. In October 2012 Danaher and Cooper sold Apex to Bain Capital for about $1.6 billion.[1] Apex is headquartered in Sparks, Maryland, and has over 20 factories globally including the United States, Canada, Mexico, Germany, China, and South America.

Apex Tool Group
Limited Liability Company
Founded2010 (2010)
HeadquartersSparks, Maryland, U.S.
ProductsHand tools and power tools
OwnerBain Capital
Number of employees

Hand tool brands

  • AllenHex keys
  • Armstrong Tools – Industrial hand tools
  • Atkins – Hacksaws
  • Belzer – Mechanic's hand tools
  • Campbell – Manufactures chains and clamps. Winner of the "Member's Choice" award for Best New Program at the Do It Best Fall Market in Indianapolis for its chain accessories.[2]
  • Caulkmaster – Pneumatic dispensing guns.
  • Collins – Machetes, shovels, and axes
  • Crescent – Produces general hand tools and tool sets. Winner of Popular Mechanics' 2006 Breakthrough Award for its Rapid-Slide variant.[3] Acquired by Cooper in 1968.
  • Delta – tool boxes
  • Erem – Precision pliers.
  • GearWrench – Ratcheting wrenches and hand tools
  • H.K. Porter – Bolt and cable cutters.
  • Iseli – Precision matched parts
  • Jacob's Chuck – drill chucks
  • JOBOX – truck boxes and site storage
  • K-D Tools – mechanic's hand and specialty tools
  • K&F – files and rasps
  • Kahnetics – Dispensing systems.
  • Lufkin – Manufactures measuring tools such as calipers, gauges, micrometers, and measuring tapes. Lufkin was Cooper's first hand tool acquisition in 1967.
  • Mayle – Mechanic's hand tools
  • Nicholson – Produces files, rasps, and saws. Acquired by Cooper in 1972.
  • Plumb – Striking tools, such as hammers, axes, and chisels. Acquired by Cooper in 1980.
  • SATA – Mechanic's hand tools.
  • Spline Gauges – gauges
  • Weller – Soldering tools. Acquired by Cooper in 1970.
  • Wire-wrap – Electrical connection equipment.
  • Wiss – Scissors and snips. Acquired by Cooper in 1976.
  • XceliteElectronics tools such as general and specialized screwdrivers and pliers. Acquired by Cooper in 1973.

For Hand Tool portfolio, since 2018, Company has decided to focus 3 major brands such as Crescent, Gearwrench and SATA globally.

Power tool brands

The Apex Tool Group Power Tool Division is headquartered in Lexington, South Carolina. It is made up of the following brands:[4]

  • APEX Assembly & Fabrication Tools – production impact sockets, bits, and universal joints
  • Buckeye – material embossing
  • Cleco – assembly tools
  • Cooper Automation – automated fastening systems
  • DGD – automated systems
  • Doler – advanced drilling equipment
  • Dotco – material removal tools
  • Geta
  • Master Power – industrial air tools
  • Metronix – Servos, drivers, and speed controls
  • Quackenbush – advanced drilling equipment
  • Recoules – drilling tools
  • Rotor – assembly equipment
  • Utica – torque measurement and control tools


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