Aotearoa Television Network

The Aotearoa Television Network (ATN) was the first, yet unsuccessful television station operating in the Māori language.

What would eventually become ATN started out in early 1996, when Te Māngai Pāho started looking for tenders for a trial service operating on a UHF licence in Auckland. The winner of the TMP contract, led by Puhi Rangiaho, Tawini Rangahau, Morehu McDonald, Robert Pouwhare and Tukuroirangi Morgan, was announced on March 7 and broadcasting commenced on May 1. The pilot service became regular in October, becoming a normal regional station. TMP's budget only allowed a 500-watt transmitter which resulted in weak or no signal in the ATN catchment area.[1]

Insufficient funding and related uncertainties resulted in the closure of this pilot service in early 1997.[2]

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