Anup (Sanskrit: अनुप anūpa) is an Indian masculine given name. The Sanskrit word anūpa has the following meanings: 'watery', 'situated near the water', 'bank of a river', 'pond', 'lagoon'.The meaning of the name “Anoop” is: "Incomparable, unequalled; unique; pond.[1][2]

Notable people


  • Anup Baral (born 1968), actor, writer, director of Nepal
  • Anup Bhandari, writer, director, music director, lyricist and actor who works primarily in Kannada cinema
  • Anup Chetia (real name Golap Baruah), General Secretary of the banned United Liberation Front of Assam in Assam
  • Anup Singh Choudry (born 1949), Sikh writer formerly based in the United Kingdom who was also a justice of the High Court of Uganda
  • Anup Das (born 1964), Indian former cricketer
  • Anup Dave (born 1981), Indian first-class cricketer who represented Rajasthan
  • Anup D'Costa (born 1993), Indian volleyball player
  • Anup Ghatak (1941–2013), Indian cricketer
  • Anup Ghoshal (born 1949), singer in Hindi films and other vernacular Indian films
  • Anup Jalota (born 1953), Indian singer/musician, best known for his performances of the bhajan and the ghazal
  • Anup Kumar (actor) (1932–1997), actor from India
  • Anup Kumar (politician), Fiji Indian politician who won the Vanua Levu West Indian Communal Constituency
  • Anup Kumar Saha, member of the Parliament of India
  • Anup Kumar Yama (born 1984), Indian Roller Skate Athlete
  • Anup Menon or Anoop Menon, Indian film actor, screenwriter and lyricist
  • Anup Mishra or Anoop Mishra (born 1956), Indian politician from the Bharatiya Janata Party
  • Anup Paul, English singer, songwriter, producer, engineer, mixer and recording artist from Rayners Lane, United Kingdom
  • Anup Phukan, former member of Asom Gana Parishad politician from Assam
  • Anup Rai, Bargujar Rajput nobleman in seventeenth century India, courtier of the Mughal emperor, Jahangir
  • Anup Singh Choudry (born 1950), Sikh writer and businessman, now a High Court judge in Uganda
  • Anup Sridhar (born 1983), male badminton player from India
  • Anup Upadhyay, Indian actor, known for his work in serials
  • Anup Lal Yadav (1923–2013), Indian politician
  • Anup Kumar Yama (born 1984), Indian roller skate athlete
  • Anup Bam (born 1996)),Businessman


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