Antonio Cantafora

Antonio Cantafora (born 2 February 1944) is an Italian film and television actor, sometimes credited as Michael Coby.

Antonio Cantafora
Born2 February 1944 (1944-02-02) (age 75)
Crotone, Italy
Other namesMichael Coby

Life and career

Born in Crotone (Calabria) Cantafora studied acting with Alessandro Fersen, then he made his film debut in 1967.[1] Thanks to a vague resemblance to the actor Terence Hill, in the seventies he starred with Paul L. Smith in a brief series of successful action-comedy films that reprise the Bud Spencer-Terence Hill style.[1][2] Later Cantafora continued his career mainly as character actor, working with prominent directors such as Federico Fellini, Jerzy Skolimowski, Bruno Barreto, Alberto Lattuada, Mauro Bolognini.[1]

Partial filmography


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