Anton Gill

Anton Gill is a British writer of historical fiction and nonfiction. He won the H. H. Wingate Award for non-fiction for The Journey Back From Hell, an account of the lives of survivors after their liberation from Nazi concentration camps.[1][2]

Anton Gill
BornIlford, Essex, United Kingdom
GenreContemporary history, fiction

Personal life

Gill was born in Ilford, Essex, and educated at Chigwell School and Clare College, Cambridge. He started writing professionally in 1984 after fifteen years in the theatre. He lives in London with his wife, the actress Marji Campi. Other than writing, his chief interests are travel and art.[3]


Gill worked as an actor and as a director in the theatre (especially at the Royal Court Theatre in London), for the Arts Council, and for the BBC and TV-am (as writer and producer) before turning to full-time writing.[4]

He has been a full-time professional writer since 1984. He has published over 40 books on a variety of ancient and contemporary historical subjects, including three biographies. His work includes both fiction and non-fiction, where his special field is contemporary European history. In fiction, he has written a series of Egyptian mysteries, featuring the world's first private eye, the scribe, Huy, which have been published worldwide. More recently, he published The Sacred Scroll, a history-mystery, with Penguin. He is also the author of two major biographies, on William Dampier and Peggy Guggenheim. His most recent titles are the novels 'City of Gold' (Penguin), 'The Accursed' (Piatkus), and 'Into Darkness' (Endeavour; Sharpe).


  • The Journey Back from Hell (1988); eBook reissue (2015)[1]
  • A Dance between Flames
  • An Honourable Defeat
  • Berlin to Bucharest
  • The Devil's Mariner
  • Art Addict


  • The Egyptian Mysteries
  • The Sacred Scroll
  • City of Gold
  • The Accursed
  • Into Darkness
  • Assassins Creed


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