Anthony M. Rud

Anthony Melville Rud (11 January 1893 – 30 November 1942) was an American writer and pulp magazine editor. Some of his works were published under the pen names Ray McGillivary and Anson Piper.[1]

Anthony M. Rud
Born(1893-01-11)January 11, 1893
Chicago, Illinois
DiedNovember 30, 1942(1942-11-30) (aged 49)
New York City
Pen nameRay McGillivary, Anson Piper, R. Anthony
Genresscience fiction, horror, detective
Notable worksOoze (1923), The Stuffed Men (1934)
Years active1918–1942


Anthony Melville Rud was born in Chicago, Illinois to Dr. Anthony Rud (1867-1928), an immigrant from Kongsberg, Norway and Dr. Alice Florence (Piper) Rud (1871-1941).[2][3] Rud attended St. John's Military School in Delafield, Wisconsin and graduated from Dartmouth College in 1914. He also studied at Rush Medical College in Chicago.[2]

As an author, he worked in several genres, including science fiction, horror and detective. His notable works include science fiction/horror/detective story Ooze (1923), which appeared in the first issue of Weird Tales and also featured in the book collection and The Moon Terror published by Weird Tales (anonymously edited by Farnsworth Wright). Rud authored a science fiction novel named The Stuffed Men[4] (1934). Rud contributed stories to Weird Tales, Argosy, Thrilling Wonder Stories and other magazines. He was the fourth editor of Adventure magazine from 15 October 1927 to 15 February 1930.[5]

He died in New York City at age 49.[2]


Selected short stories

  • The Devil's Heirloom (1922)[6]
  • Ooze (1923) [7]
  • The Stuffed Men (1934)[8]
  • The Place of Hairy Death (1934) [9]


  • The Last Grubstake (1922)
  • The Second Generation (1923)
  • The Devil's Heirloom (1924)
  • The Sentence of the Six-Gun (1926)
  • The Rose Bath Riddle (1934)
  • House of the Damned (1934)
  • The Stuffed Men (1935)
  • Black Creek Buckaroo (1941)


  • The Place of Hairy Death and Other Stories (2015)
  • The Vengeance of the Wah Fu Tong ( The Complete Cases of Jigger Masters, Volume 1) (2018)


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