Another Threshold

Another Threshold is a 1942 Australian propaganda short film directed by Ken G. Hall and starring Peter Finch.[2]

Another Threshold
Directed byKen G. Hall
Produced byKen G. Hall
StarringGrant Taylor
Peter Finch
Joe Valli
Muriel Steinbeck
Pat Firman
Cinesound Productions
Department of Information
Release date
5 September 1942[1]

It was produced for the Austerity Loan Campaign and features an appearance by then Prime Minister John Curtin.[3]


An Australian family have lost a son in action and discuss whether it was worth it.



The Sydney Morning Herald wrote that:

The film's appeal from this angle is anything but forceful. In an amiable discussion that lacks strength and conviction because of its generalities and cliches, an average Australian family and some of their friends from the fighting forces review the situation in Australia today. They find much to be proud of in the country's war effort, despite certain elements of complacency in the community. In the general summing up, in a much too rambling and superficial argument, "squealers", "slackers", "lounge lizards", hoarders, blackmarket operator, and the rest of their kind are found to be very small fry when weighed in the balance against those who are earnestly doing their share in the struggle for victory... [a]rather too conscious effort.[4]

The Mercury said "the film is well produced and presented."[5]


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