Annette Stroyberg

Annette Strøyberg (7 December 1936[1] – 12 December 2005) was a Danish actress. Her films included Les Liaisons dangereuses (1959), which was directed by her first husband, Roger Vadim.

Annette Strøyberg
Annette Susanne Strøyberg

7 December 1936
Rynkeby, Kerteminde Municipality, Denmark
Died12 December 2005(2005-12-12) (aged 69)
Copenhagen, Denmark
Years active1959–1965
Roger Vadim
(m. 1958; div. 1961)

Guy Senouf
(m. 1967; div. 1970)

Gregory Callimanopulos
(m. 1974; div. 1992)

Christian Lillelund
(m. 2001; her death 2005)
Partner(s)Vittorio Gassman

Annette Strøyberg was born on either 12 December 1934[2][3] or 7 December 1936[4] in the village of Rynkeby, Kerteminde Municipality, Denmark, and is related to Danish actress Camilla Soeberg as the cousin of Camilla's mother.[5] Prior to 1958, Stroyberg appeared as a cover girl, most notably in an advertisement for Tuborg beer.[6] In 1959, she appeared in the film Les Liaisons dangereuses, directed by Roger Vadim, starring Gérard Philipe and Jeanne Moreau. During this production, she and Roger Vadim, a recent divorcé from Brigitte Bardot, fell in love and married[7] on 17 June 1958. Before their marriage, on 7 December 1957,[8] she gave birth to Nathalie Vadim,[9] who went on to be a film director.

Strøyberg and Vadim divorced in 1961.[10] She lived with Vittorio Gassman for a couple of years, and had liaisons with Alain Delon, Omar Sharif and Warren Beatty. In 1967, Strøyberg married French-Moroccan sugar king Guy Senouf. They had a son, Yan (born 27 June 1967). The couple enrolled at the Sorbonne and divided their time between Paris and north Africa. In 1974, she married Greek shipping magnate Gregory Callimanopulos in New York City. They had a son, Pericles (born 20 July 1974) and settled for a time in America.

In February 1986, former husband Vadim published Bardot, Deneuve, Fonda -- My Life With the Three Most Beautiful Women in the World, a book about Vadim's relationships in which Stroyberg is written as passing "in and out of the other four lives" such that there is at least as much in the book about Stroyberg as the three women named in the book title.[11] After the break-up of her relationship with Callimanopulos in the early 1990s, she returned to Europe, living in Paris and Copenhagen, where she was part of the circle around Queen Margrethe and Prince Henrik. She married a fourth and final time to Christian Lillelund, an attorney, in 2001.

She died of cancer in Copenhagen, Denmark, on 12 December 2005.[4][12] She was survived by her husband and three children.[13]

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