Annelie Pompe

Annelie Pompe (born 1981) is an adventurer and athlete from Gothenburg, Sweden. She is a professional adventurer, motivational speaker, photographer (mainly underwater), freediving instructor, yoga instructor, writer, personal trainer and coach.

Annelie Pompe
After a speech in Göteborg, Sweden, 2016
Born25 February 1981 (1981-02-25) (age 38)
Occupationwriter, photographer, personal trainer, motivational speaker
Known forfreediving world record holder, summiteer mt. Everest


Annelie Pompe is known for her achievements in competitive freediving. On 5 October 2010 she broke the world record in variable weight freediving, with a dive down to 126 metres.[1][2][3] She also claimed one individual silver medal and one team silver medal in the AIDA world championships.


She is also a mountaineer and in May 2011 she climbed Mount Everest[4] as the first Swedish woman to summit from the north side. Despite marketing her attempt as a climb without oxygen, she did end up using bottled oxygen in order to make the summit. She has also climbed all seven Seven Summits (including Puncak Jaya, and the last one Mount Vinson in January 2016).[5]

She has been active in other sports, winning a Swedish gold medal in fitness as well as competing in adventure racing, cross country mountainbiking and running.


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