Anna Komnene Angelina

Anna Komnene Angelina or Comnena Angelina (c. 1176 – 1212) was an Empress of Nicaea. She was the daughter of the Byzantine Emperor Alexios III Angelos and of Euphrosyne Doukaina Kamatera.

Anna Komnene Angelina
Empress consort
SpouseIsaac Komnenos
Theodore I Laskaris
FatherAlexios III Angelos
MotherEuphrosyne Doukaina Kamatera


Her first marriage was to the sebastokratōr Isaac Komnenos, a great-nephew of the emperor Manuel I Komnenos. They had one daughter, Theodora Angelina. Soon after Anna's father became emperor, in 1195, Isaac Komnenos was dispatched to combat the Vlach-Bulgarian Rebellion. He was captured, became a pawn between rival Bulgarian and Vlach factions, and died in chains.

Her second marriage to Theodore Laskaris, eventually emperor of Nicaea, was celebrated in a double wedding in early 1200 (the other couple was Anna's sister Irene and Alexios Palaiologos).


Anna and Theodore had three daughters and two sons:


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Anna Komnene Angelina
Born: c. 1176 Died: 1212
Royal titles
Preceded by
Margaret of Hungary
Empress consort of Nicaea
Succeeded by
Philippa of Armenia
Titles in pretence
Preceded by
Byzantine Empress consort in exile
Reason for succession failure:
Constantinopole captured by Latin Crusaders in 1204
Succeeded by
Philippa of Armenia

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