Angrapa River

The Angrapa (Russian: Анграпа, Polish: Węgorapa, German: Angerapp, Lithuanian: Angrapė) is a river in northeastern Poland and the Kaliningrad Oblast of Russia. Originating in Lake Mamry, it joins the 101-km-long Instruch at a point near Chernyakhovsk – variously assessed as lying 140,[1] 169,[2] or 172 km[3] from its source – to form the Pregolya. Its largest tributaries are the 89-km-long Gołdapa, which joins just before the border, and the Pissa (98 km).

The Angrapa River in Kaliningrad Oblast
CountryPoland, Russia
Physical characteristics
54°38′52″N 21°47′29″E
Basin features
ProgressionPregolyaBaltic Sea

The name Angrapa is derived from the Old Prussian words anguris (eel) and apis (river). The towns of Węgorzewo (German Angerburg), Ozyorsk (Darkehmen) and Chernyakhovsk (Insterburg) as well as the village of Mayakovskoye (Nemmersdorf), lie on the Angrapa.


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