Angelica Ippolito

Angelica Ippolito (born 8 September 1944) is an Italian stage, film and television actress.

Angelica Ippolito
Born8 September 1944 (1944-09-08) (age 75)
Naples, Italy

Life and career

Born in Naples, Ippolito studied at the Silvio d’Amico Academy of Dramatic Arts in Rome and made her acting debut in the late 1960s.[1][2] She worked extensively in the Eduardo De Filippo's stage company.[1] In 1977 she won a Special David di Donatello Award for her performance in Alberto Lattuada's Oh, Serafina!.[3][4] Ippolito was the last companion of the actor Gian Maria Volonté, from late 1970s until his death.[5]

Ippolito has a son, Cody Franchetti, from her relationship with Andrea Franchetti, son of a Sardinian baron who married a Milliken heiress.[6][7] Cody was featured in the documentaries Born Rich and The One Percent.[6][8]

Selected filmography


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