Angelfish software

Angelfish Software is an on-premises, self-hosted web analytics application which allows organizations to monitor how users interact with websites and web-based applications. Angelfish can use web server logs or JavaScript page tags to create reports.

Angelfish Software
Developer(s)Actual Metrics
Initial releaseJanuary 23, 2013 (2013-01-23)
Operating systemWindows, Linux


First released in 2013, Angelfish Software was created in response to Google's cancellation of Urchin and the lack of options that existed for on-premises web analytics software. [1][2]

Angelfish is a popular solution for tracking Intranet [3] and SharePoint[4] environments, and has significant interest from organizations that are required to protect website visitor data due to regulations, or cannot use Google Analytics due to data privacy concerns.[5]

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